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The Choice for Professional Security –ADVANCED SEARCH CAPABILITIES

Product Summary

• Interoperable with DX8000 DVRs

• 16-Channel Expansion Box Option

• Increased Storage Capacity up to 3 TB

• External Storage RAID Option with DX9200 HDDI

• Increased Frame Rate for 2CIF and 4CIF Recording

• Standard Analog Output

• 10/100/1000 Megabit Ethernet Port

• NTP Time Server Compatible

• Standard DVD-R Burner Writes to CD-R and DVD-R Media

• Up to 704 x 480 Recording Resolution (4CIF)

• Up to 32 Camera Inputs and Outputs with Auto Termination

• KBD300A Keyboard Support for Camera Selection and PTZ Control

• Third-Party Dome Support

• Multi-Event Recording Schedules

• ATM/POS Data Interface Support

• Up to 100 Simultaneous Client-to-Server Connections

Price: $6844.55

As your business grows and becomes more diversified, you need a professional digital video recorder (DVR) that can grow with and also stay a step ahead of your business security requirements. Your security application might require more cameras or DVR software that provides even more sophisticated operation and control features. The DX8100 Series digital video recorders (DVRs) bring to market a new and innovative hardware platform that is powered by unparalleled and unique high performance software. The DX8100 is expandable to meet your future security requirements. When you need to quickly and easily add more security cameras, the new DX8100-EXP 16-channel expansion unit extends the 8- or 16-channel DX8100 to 24 or 32 channels. With or without the channel expansion unit, all of the cameras can now take advantage of the increased frame rate of 2CIF and 4CIF recording. The DX8100 records video up to 480 images per second (ips) at CIF image size.

If your security project demands increased storage capacity, you can extend recorded internal storage up to 3 TB. With the optional DX9200HDDI, you can further increase the DX8100 storage capacity. Alternately, you can use the DX9200HDDI as a redundant RAID solution. Sophisticated video security applications require a network of DVRs to monitor multiple locations. The 10/100/1000 megabit Ethernet port supports today’s high-speed networks. You can network your DX8100s and remotely operate the DVRs for continuous, motion detection, alarm, ATM/POS, normal scheduled

recording, and administer and view live and playback video. For  time critical security applications, you must ensure that all video

recordings are synchronized to an accurate time source. The DX8100

supports the Network Time Protocol (NTP), which allows you to

synchronize all networked DX8100s to one NTP time server.

The DX8100 is the professional choice for your security application.

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DX8100 Series Digital Video Recorder

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