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Not All ANSI Class 2 Vests Are Equal

ANSI Class 2 safety equipment requires the

use of material that reflects light from a source, such as vehicle headlights. Reflective

materials are passive because they require a

separate light source. Passive lighting has

limitations, particularly in inclement weather

(snow, fog, rain, etc.) or other debris like dust

or smoke. In these cases, a standard vest is

simply not enough.


Exceeding Class 2

Safe Lites created BeaconWearTM to resolve

ANSI Class 2 limitations with the use of

GlowSkinTM active lighting. Our GlowSkin

active lighting system will illuminate

independently of external light sources so it’s

wearer can Always Be SeenTM—no matter

what the conditions. And because it does not

rely on reflectivity alone, and offers 360

degree active illumination, wearers of the vest

don’t have to be directly in the beam of a headlight

to be seen!

Finally an alternative that meets and exceeds

the ANSI 107-2004 Class 2 Specifications.

Price: $75.00

SKU/Item Number: Large/XL

BeaconWear™ Premium Safety Vests

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Workers In & Around Traffic?

Recent changes in worker safety regulations may require not just a high visibility garment, but adherence to ANSI Class 2 specifications. There are many vests to choose from - some meet ANSI Class 2; others are inexpensive. Choosing the right vest means understanding the limitations and associated risks that may

put your workers in danger.