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Internet Ready DVR System

 Easy setup and installation

 Live monitoring through the internet from anywhere in the world

 Includes 80GB hard drive

 Includes 4 color night vision cameras

 Password protected recording and menus

 Has built-in motion detection

 Find your recorded footage fast and easy

 Time and date stamp

 M-JPEG compression technology

 Easily connects to any TV or Monitor

Price: $889.99

The CV0204DVR is one of SVAT's feature packed digital video recorders. This complete system comes with four outdoor cameras and can display all four (quad view) at the same time. Customize the recording and set a 24 hour recording schedule based on your preferences. You can choose to have the DVR record continuously during the day, then record only when motion is detected at night. And since each camera is equipped with night vision, you can view and record in total darkness!

This DVR can record four different camera views (quad view) simultaneously and play it back at a smooth 30 frames per second. During playback you can even display each camera in full screen or view all four without losing quality. Finding your recorded footage is a breeze. Just search for the time and date it was recorded and the file will be displayed. Everything is stored on the DVR's internal 80GB hard drive allowing you weeks of recording. The DVR can be set to overwrite old footage when the drive does run out of space, allowing you continuous recording, year after year.

The CV0204DVR also has a built-in internet server for remote viewing. Just plug the DVR into your internet connection and set it up with the included software. Then simply type in your IP address to monitor your home or business remotely, from any internet-enabled computer in the world! You can even play back recorded footage, save picture or movie files to your computer, and more, all through a web browser.

This versatile surveillance system is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to monitor their property whether they're at home or away.

SKU/Item Number: CV0204DVR

Web Ready DVR System w/ 4 Outdoor Nightvision Cameras and 80GB HDD

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